Miss Jaddah




All rates are non-negotiable 




 30 minutes 180.00

 60 minutes 240.00

 90 minutes 300.00

120 minutes 440.00




 30 minutes 200.00

 60 minutes 300.00

 90 minutes 400.00

120 minutes 600.00

All night $1200.00


 Information regarding my sessions



It is best to book ahead, but any same day booking requests will be hard to arrange.


Take a shower I am fresh and smelling good when I see you. I'd expect the same from you. Brush teeth, shower, shave, use pit stick, enema if needed, take a #2 and don't eat anything heavy before our session if u like the anal play of any kind.


All new Clients/slaves/submissives/fetishist/Masters/DaddyDoms must have a reference from their last dominatrix or fetish provider or escort, sub.  If you do not have a reference or this is your first time. Then a public meeting is required before I agree to see you. This meeting is very brief and right before our scheduled session together. I am not an escort service I am an independent fetish courtesan and pro BDSM switch,


Please do not call/text/email or come visit me...(A) When your drunk. (B) When you're high on cocaine/crack/meth or any other weird hard drug with the exception of 420.


I will not answer blocked or restricted callers or text app services for security reasons. If you have something to hide then maybe it's best you look elsewhere.


If you can not keep your appointment for our session together I need at least 6 hours notice by phone or text (not email) as to why you cannot make it. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting future sessions and I will never take you seriously ever again. Not to mention blacklisting on other sites across North America and the globe.